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glass beads - large hole mix -16026 x 1KG
glass beads - large hole mix -16026 x 1KG
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frequently asked questions
answers to our most commonly asked questions can be found on this page

Q/ what will my postage cost be?
postage costs are based on weight  and will be applied according to the destination according to our contract
the easiest way to calculate your postage cost is to:
1/make an account 
2/add products to your shopping cart
3/by clicking on the checkout page the cost will be shown to the cent
you will not be committed to the order until you confirm.

Q/ shipping costs ? i want to add to my order?
WE do not combine shipping costs as our contract with Australia post is  costed by the gram therefore we cannot ship second orders for free
Please  make your order in one go! as the cost of refunding  partial shipping costs is not worth it for us
( order is charged at time of purchase and we are charged for each transaction even refunds )

Q/Do you  have a shop / showroom i can visit ?
no but call
0395346867 for details
click here for map

Q/ can I get a printed catalogue?
we do not print our catalogue as there are simply too many products - at last count a catalogue would be well over 100 pages!
if we did print a catalogue it would be out of date within a few weeks as new products are always being added while others sometimes become temporarily unavailable
the web site acts as our catalogue and ordering facility and it is always up-to-date with complete size, packaging and price information
if you have trouble finding anything you may use the search function or simply call us

Q/ when will my order arrive? -
some items from china beads and stbeads need to manufactured to order
pls contact for times?

Q/  how can i pay? (I dont want to use my credit card on the internet)
Payment can be made securely by Credit card {Visa, MasterCard, Bank card, Amex}  through paypal  or details can be phoned or faxed through, alternatively you can pay by paypal ,bank transfer, postal Money order or Cheque. . All these options are shown as you pass through the check out process.

Q/ I would like return a product , how can i do this?
 returns we always try and be helpful however pls understand some items are custom made to order and these items cannot be returned.if in doubt check before ordering.
we do accept returns for for or incorrect products but pls. understand to give such low prices we ship direct from the manufactures therefore the postage costs are often more than the items cost
if there is an error or a major fault we will refund on return to our Australian office,
if the items was incorrectly selected then we need to look at it on a case by case basis
as the customer is liable for ALL postage costs for incorrectly selected or change of mind returns,
as to return it to the manufacture will probably be quite expensive,

Q/ I have received my order and one ( or more ) of the products is damaged (see below)
as many of our products are made from glass and other fragile materials we understand that products can sometimes arrive in a damaged condition either through rough handling in the mail system or perhaps there is a flaw in the product that we did not pick up when we packed your order, in this case we still require the product to be returned so we can verify your claim, an alternative to this is to take a digital image, photograph or scan of the damaged product and email us the image

Q/Some of the beads are broken or unusable!
it is the nature of glass beads and other fragile bead materials that some will be broken or unusable
we normally under-estimate the amount of beads in a package to take this into account ,
we assess that in most cases 95% of the beads we supply will be in good condition ( except when noted as B grade or cheap mixes ) please take this into account when ordering.

Q/ I have sent through my order, now i wish to add extra products
it depends on a number of factors  including whether we have already packed and processed the order .
in many cases we cannot add to orders
there also there may be extra costs ( e.g. postage, processing fees ) involved beyond the price of the additional products
and it may delay your order,
products added to orders will not receive any discounts that may have been applied to the intial order
it is best to complete your order in one go and double check  the cart content as you check out.

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bead kits - 4602 - mixed glass bead kit x 10 sets
i bought this bead kit not really knowing what to expect but ..
4 of 5 Stars!
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